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The images in the Carbon Gallery are offered for sale as hand-crafted carbon transfer prints, a traditional process that dates from the mid 1860s. The  process is highly labor intensive and technologically challenging, but with a special appeal to true lovers of traditional printmaking. Carbon tranfer has unique surface and textural qualities, including surface relief,  that gives the image a kind of multi-dimensional quality, making it one of the most distinctive of all photograhic processes.  Carbon transfer is also the most stable of all photographic processes, its permanence being limited only by the final support on which the relief image is transferred.  Depending on the requirements of the specific image carbon transfer prints are made on a variety of final supports, including baryta and 100% cotton rag, and other specially prepared fine art papers.

Carbon Transfer Price List

Size*                                        Price

6X9" or 6.5"X8.5"                    $250

8X12" or 9X12"                       $500

12X16" or 12X18"                   $900

16X23" to 19"X23"                  $1800

**Print size is approximate and refers to actual image size in inches, depending on the aspect ratio of the capture format. The actual size of the art piece will be slightly larger than print size to allow room for over-matting. All prints will be signed, authenticated as genuine hand-crafted carbon transfer printss,  and shipped by registered mail in archival print boxes.

Carbon prints of selected images are offered for sale in very limited editions of 3-5 prints through gallery representation. Contact me for details if interested.

Terms and Conditions

Please contact me to inquire about availibility and sizing before ordering.

There will be a flat rate shipping charge of $35 for print sizes of 6X9" through  9X12”, and $50 for larger sizes.   For international shipping the flat rate charge will be $50 for the smaller sizes, and $75 for the larger size. All prints will be shipped by registered mail in archival print boxes.

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