I was born and raised in Louisiana. As a young man I studied in Quebec, Belgium and Spain, eventually earning a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. In 1971 I began teaching at Clemson University, and remained there until I retired from teaching in 2006. I currently reside in Easley, South Carolina.

My research agenda as a professor was the history of photography and I wrote and published several scholarly books on the subject, including The Photographic Impressionists of Spain: A History of the Aesthetics and Technique of Pictorial Photography, New York, 1989: Schmidt de las Heras: Fotografías 1944-1960. La Coruña (Spain), 1999, and El impresionismo fotográfico en España: Una historia de la técnica y de la estética de la fotografía pictorialista, Zarautz (Spain), 2000.

In the early 1970s I became interested in creative photography and since that time have photographed extensively in my home area of North and South Carolina, in other areas of the US, and also in Canada, China, Mexico, Turkey, and Spain.  I am a landscape photographer who works with both digital capture  and with film cameras, including medium format, large format,  and ultra large format equipment.

As a fine art photographer I have been interested primarily in the hand-made photograph and have acquired expertise in several different historical printing processes, including carbon transfer, kallitype, platinum and palladium, and Vandyke.  Making a photograph by hand, which includes  preparing the original sensitized material by coating a sheet of paper with a photographic emulsion, is a fascinating adventure in which one has maximum control over the printmaking syntax, which determine the final, tangible qualities of the photograph as object, including its color, texture, tonal scale and reflective qualities.  

For more than two decades I have devoted a great part of my time to the carbon transfer process. This work has been exhibited widely and published in such magazines as Photovision, Silvershotz and View Camera. I have conducted many group and one-on-one workshops on carbon printing in the USA and abroad, including China, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Turkey, and have published extensively on alternative printmaking, including web articles on carbon transfer, kallitype, and Vandyke, and have a monograph on carbon printing, The Book of Carbon and Carbro: Contemporary Procedures for Pigment Printmaking. Greenville, SC: Permanent Light Systems, 2nd edition 2002.